I’ve really enjoyed some time off over the Christmas holidays and had chance to have a good listen to some great radio from around the Midlands. I love what Harborough FM are doing. Great local information delivered very well.

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The Hitmix broadcasting to Newcastle-Under-Lyme is quickly establishing itself as the first choice local broadcaster in the area. You will find innovation in other formats too. JackFM and the Jack brand generally is well worth a listen and is very entertaining. All truly relevant local radio delivered well by capable local presenters or producers.

Corby Radio. is doing a good job too. Again it’s local news and information with the added bonus of local events around the town. The station has seen some changes with the departure of Jim Byrne from weekdays. He still broadcasts at the weekend on the station. A great presenter, getting better every day!

Some other stations seem to have lost their relevance completely. Devoid of live activity most of the time anyway, but now one station presenter in Northampton has decided to tell her listeners that her show is recorded and she is actually elsewhere in the country listening to herself… Doh!

Maybe someone should point out that radio is ‘theatre of the mind’ and broadcasting as if you are live (known in the business as “tx as live”) is an important skill that takes a while to master and once mastered should not be immediately dispelled by a facebook post by the show presenter saying that “I’m not here at all, I’m in Dorset”

By the way, the audio data is not the only thing that is broadcast… professional schedulers would understand. Just sayin!