I read a listener review of a community radio station in Northampton that said “Very good mix of music. Not too keen on some of the DJs” It’s refreshing to see a listener expressing such an accurate opinion in just a few words.

I’m not surprised that the review of the stations music policy is complimentary. The process of scheduling and play out of music is a process easy to get right these days. Apart from being subjective, it is primarily an automated process once the basic scheduling rules are set.

A concern
It is the other point raised by the listener that should be the obvious concern for the station owners and management. There is no doubt that the quality of presentation is extremely poor and it’s clear that the station management has not addressed this issue. If they did, their work would be reflected in the gradual improvement of the presenters on air.

The review
The listener review refers to poor presentation but doesn’t expand on the point made. I will assist.
The presentation team is made up of those who appear not to have the skill set to make it on the radio elsewhere. Not only that, they appear to have full editorial control of the output in their slot. Therein lies the problem.

If they do not have the basic presentation skill sets combined with a decent understanding of how local radio works they will fail as presenters. There is another problem too. If they think they are better than they actually are, they will be seen to fail by those in the industry. Some listeners may choose to listen for a short time but then quickly move on to a better listening experience elsewhere.

There is a management issue too. How can the Station Manager be in a position of such importance to the business and still allow unskilled people to trample all over the station output.

What this listener review suggests is he listened to a poorly managed station that allows low skilled presenters to have full control of the output. A recipe for disaster.