When a listeners tune into your radio station there is nothing that says to those listeners that they have chosen a so called community radio station. The word ‘community’ is a word that should not appear in your station name or any positioning statements you use on air. Why? The term community radio is simply a working title used by Ofcom to identify a business sector they regulate.

In the past I have written about how station branding, station positioning and marketing should determine how listeners perceive your station and I will say it again, the word community in your station name or positioning makes you sound small, unprofessional and amateur. Some stations I listen to have finally got the message but many have not.

Mishmash of Content

Not only is your name and positioning statements important tools to tell the listener what you do, your programme content does too. Recently, I looked in detail at the social media content of a particular station in Northamptonshire and discovered a very confused message. I saw posts promoting a new country music show, a sixties show, a motown show and so on. Each post looked vastly different, provided no station positioning or branding to connect them to the station or tell me more abut why I should listen in the first place. In a word, confusing.

Combining the word ‘community’ with a ‘mishmash’ of confusing content all leads to listeners forming the opinion that you are a small, amateur radio station. Is that what you want your listeners to think?

A Suggestion

How do you clear up this confusion? Positioning your station in your listeners mind is how and you can about how you do that here;